Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moving fast....

Hello friends... thought I'd post a few pictures of a few items we're listing on Craig's List. That means they will fly out of here fast!

Mary just brought in the sweetest little rocker! It's a short one, and very, very precious! Selling for $75.

 And this baby had to be placed outside, 'cause it's just way too big for Glenda's indoor space. It's a HUGE ARMOIRE perfect for your TV or entertainment center. Only $250 (yes!). Hand painted, beautiful Mexican colors.

 Look at how much space is inside!
 And four huge drawers to stash stuff in!
 Judy says it's time to put Polly's cage on sale. She wants it gone so she can move in some other great items. It's a really nice cage with a playground up top. Just $90 OBO!!

Stop by any day 11-5:30. You can call first to make sure the item is still there... 831 338 0600.
Thanks for visiting!

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