Saturday, January 31, 2009


And the $50 WINNER for February is.....
(drum roll please)
GEORGANN LANE of Boulder Creek

Every month, to show our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION, we draw a name of a lucky customer who receives a huge $50 gift certificate to our store! Your name is automatically entered when you sign up for our email list... plus you're the first to get our latest update on special events! Join our email list by sending your email to Good LUCK!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Wouldn't you LOVE to be a dealer in this wonderful, high traffic shop?? We have two smaller spaces available! Stop by, check us out. Then email chris at:

Welcome to a wonderful and profitable adventure!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Are you READY for VALENTINES DAY?? Our dealers have stocked up some FABULOUS vintage RUBY GLASS! I took just a few pictures of some of the LOVELY pieces!
(We have some new additions in the furniture department too, so keep reading!)
I wish my camera could really capture the depth of the RUBY color!
Pitcher, goblets, bell, candlesticks.... read on to see the other RARE finds!

I took this picture through the glass case, but I wanted you to see the RARE RUBY napkin rings, and, and , and! the REALLY RARE RUBY HANDLED server!Also, fresh from a recent ESTATE sale... a pair (but sold separately) perfect for your vintage bedroom. Just look at how beautiful this birdseye maple dresser is!
And, WOW, look at all the storage. Your socks wont ever get mixed up again!

And, here's the second piece to the set (sold individually). This mirrored dressing table is elegant!
Speaking of Maple... here's a really nice piece as well... it's a small dresser with a pull out that can be useful as a desk, changing table, more display? A very sweet piece.
I love these ball footed piano stools! They never seem to stay in our shop long!

I really wish I had room in my house for this wonderful coffee table. The tray lifts off easily, perfect to make a grand entrance when you serve desert and coffee to your guests!
I couldn't resist snapping this sweet school desk. These always look so sweet with old school books, quilts, plants, VINTAGE DOLLS, or whatever you like to display!
So, these are only a few of our new additions this month. Remember, we have 20 dealers who are ALWAYS bringing in more fabulous finds!

See you soon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

This Weekend's Special Finds

I love a good hunt, don't you? Well, right when you walk in the door of Boulder Creek Antiques you'll spot Monica's stash of vintage compacts and purses. Starting at an amazing low price of $5!! She calls those her "budget compacts". Here's a picture or two of her LOVELY treasures.

And... I couldn't resist taking a picture of Jan's vintage find. It's a darling old dressing table. Jan admits in needs TLC... she even suggests that you could cut the legs and use it in a child's playhouse. I don't know... I'm seeing a fresh coat of paint and a lovely cabbage rose skirt...hmm.

Well, here's what Janet has to offer. An amazing Antique Oak Sideboard Buffet. It has an amazing amount of storage, and it's in very nice condition. Such an elegant addition to any home! Call the store for the measurements and the price (831 338 0600 11-5pm)

And Richard brought in this funky old National Cash Register. Guess I shouldn't have said "funky", it's in good condition and you could probably get it working! Or it would just look spectacular in your cash register collection.

Finally, another item of Richard's... very unusual, hard to find (if you were to go looking for it), a Maple Dentist's Cabinet. Richard has some vintage dresser items in the glass compartment. This would look amazing with something you collect displayed inside. Plus there are drawers and a pull out shelf.
Opps... another small grouping I couldn't resist photographing. Cocktails anyone? These vintage cocktail shakers and decanter make a lovely display behind our checkout counter. Just mixing your beverage in one of these will make you feel rich and elegant. For your Inauguration Party or Super Bowl Party... you'll really impress your guests!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Chinese Tiles, Vintage Ship Models, Daniel Monfort statues START 2009 RIGHT!

If you are new to our shop's blog, you might want to bookmark it! We're adding new items daily! And it's my joy to keep you, our blog family, updated on the latest!

So... here's Jan at our checkout, CHEERFULLY wrapping up a HAPPY customer's purchase!
Would you ENJOY some coffee or tea? and note those fabulous lamps!
Here are some of Rella's DISTINCTIVE Chinese Bed Tiles.... she has a direct-from-China source that keeps her supplied which keeps her customers SMILING.

And Richard has added two FABULOUS finds... wouldn't these ship models look DISTINGUISHING on your desk or mantle!

"Toy Bob" has just replenished his FUN vintage cars! Guys are KEEN for these autos!
Janet has an collection of these locally INSPIRED pillows, made from vintage images.
This little CUTIE wont be around long! Such a darling cabinet.
Yes, we have a few MUSICAL instruments. Here's Arlene stretching towards a ukulele!
While our FINE china teapots are big sellers, JeanneRose has some really PRACTICAL, everyday pots you'll LOVE!
And finally (for this post) the Gizzy's have these two STUNNING Daniel Monfort statues!

See you soon!

Friday, January 02, 2009


Well, I printed several hundred of these "First Friday Flea Market" tags! You'll have to stop by to check out all the amazing deals! Only through Sunday though!