Sunday, August 28, 2016

See these items in the store or in my Etsy Shop!

Hello dear friends! Can you believe it's the end of summer already! I've been in my studio all week, enjoying the beautiful redwoods. It's been quite foggy every morning, but warms up in the after noon.

So, here are the new additions to my Etsy Shop this week:

Firstly, I created two sweet 'Rosary Keepers'.  It is a triptych with Lots of layers of lace dripping off each page. I especially love these images of Mother Mary, all from vintage Holy Cards, printed on a beautiful tight cotton.

 I just had to add these little vintage embroidery flowers, the pinks on the left, and the mixed bouquet in the middle.
 Close ups....
 And, the back....
 The cover of  this one supports both vintage and newer laces.

 I love, love, love this little pocket! Used both vintage wedding satin, plus trim from a vintage Christening dress.

 I also took a leap and tried something new... these sweet little 'shabby chic clutches', good for storing jewelry, dressy occasions, or for the bride. All have layers upon layers of vintage laces and trims.
Also available in my Etsy Shop.

 The inside is made from beautiful silk designer fabrics.

 Can you see the pocket inside?
 From the back.
 Shabby chic clutche #3....

 And... three more journals... Gratitude or Prayer, or just for your thoughts. All are reusable and fit nicely on the ordinary composition book.  Also available in my Etsy Shop.

 Each has an inside crochet pocket too.
 I have to make sure the back is as pretty as the front....

Thank you for looking.
And Sweet Blessings to you.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

New additions, available also in my Etsy shop!

Hello friends.... Here are some of the items recently created to sell in the store, or, if you can't drop by, you can find these in my Etsy shop!

I've been enjoying the redwoods surrounding my studio this summer...busy as a bee, the doors and windows wide open, creating pretty lacy books and journals to fill my Etsy shop.

Please feel free to 'pin' any of these onto Pinterest!

This is a sweet covered journal, perfect for your gratitude thoughts. Found here on Etsy.
 Another reusable covered journal.... fits the standard composition book. Found here.

Little Girls in the Garden

This little lacy book is chock full of beautiful vintage laces and trims. So much fun creating this sweet little book featuring Girls in the Garden. 11 pages, one with a pocket for your keepsake or sweet memories. One standout in this book is the beautiful red tatted trim! 

Measures a bountiful 5x7" with tons of lace peeking out! 
Just a sample layout... sweet pocket on the left.

Ooolala Naughty Dancers, lace album, lace collage book, Mixed Media Fabric book, Shabby Chic Lace Book!

Ooolala! These ladies of the 1920s were all about dancing! Ziegfeld Follies ladies, a great inspiration for this fabric and lace journal. Each page speaks for itself! Each page, a collage of vintage photos, laces, trims, and feathers! 

Measures approximately 6x7" with lots of lace and feathers peeking out!

Gypsy Soul,

I was blessed with a vision of how this book was to be, about the message of love and acceptance, and the wild abandon our ancestors, out 'Gypsy' grandmothers may have lived their lives! A message we can all appreciate today!

On each page, you'll find a vintage image of a Gypsy friend, gazing at us through the window of time. Each image has been printed on quality linen paper, then glazed with a layer of natural bees was, known as an 'encaustic' application. Each layout also supports a pocket in which you'll find an adorned, interactive tag, quoting the wisdom best remembered from a Gypsy Life.

ELEVEN decorated pages, many pockets and tags.

May you be blessed with the 'Gypsy Spirit'!!!

Book measures a supple 8x10, and is 4" thick! Lots of jewels, laces, trims, all in rich, rich color! Some laces and/or trims were specially dyed.
 Just one sample layout... there are MANY tags and pockets in this lacy book! See the Etsy post for more pictures.

Girls sewing book

I learned to sew as a young girl in the fifties, at my mother's feet of course. She'd provide the scraps as I hand stitched dresses for my dollies.

Hopefully, you'll remember those times when looking through this sweet little lace book. Created with vintage laces and trims. The last page is a pocket page created from two antique little girl dresses.

Measures a bountiful 5x7" with tons of lace peeking out!

So, these are just a few of the lacy creations this month. Thanks for looking.
Sweet blessings to you!
xoxo Chris