Friday, February 27, 2009


I love the feedback we're getting about these posts and pictures! Now, someone has asked about lamps, so I quickly ran around the shop late yesterday and snapped just a few pictures... and one of something else, a fire screen thing (that looks like a fan). No more comments from me this week, I have to hurry into the shop!
You customers are the

OH... and ps: if you'd like to be included in this months
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send me your email right away! I promise you wont be put on any other list, just on ours so we can let you know about specials and events. Email:

Friday, February 20, 2009

You Asked for it!

... so here are a few pictures of vintage coins, a few of the clocks we have in house, a fabulous ANTIQUE WHEELCHAIR , and a few other items that caught my fancy!

Before the pics, another note: we have two new dealers to welcome aboard! And we're very excited to have their inventory compliment ours. Keep checking back for the pictures! (We still have one small dealer space available if you want to get in on the excitement!)

We're listening...
Someone from the East Bay asked about US coins... well, we do have allot. Our coin dealer is always bringing in new stock. Richard has quite a following! Now, trying to take pictures of just a small portion of his collection is another matter, challenging for me... but is my best effort to show you just a few of the coin trays he offers.

Ok... no one asked to see these, but they sure bring back memories! Remember the 50's when our parents would bronze our shoes!!
Here is the ANTIQUE WHEELCHAIR someone asked about. The finish, color, and structure of this chair is beautiful.... why do I picture Shirley Temple pushing this about with Poor Clara in it? (Remember Heidi?)
Another stray, but inspiring photo... Judy's fresh from Hawaii! ah... who would have thought to pair glass pineapples with candle sticks! THIS would be a really UNIQUE gift!
OK... I did get requests about clocks, so I scurried around and snapped a few pictures... some of these are vintage, others are newer... they are all charming. I don't know how to describe the last clock though... take a look and see for yourself!

See what I mean??? hmmm

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tell us what you want!

What a concept! We've been posting pictures of various items every week. Well, why not tell us what you're looking for, or what you collect, and we'll post pictures of those items for you to see!

Simply leave a comment and tell us what you are looking for or what you collect. You also can email me at: and I'll put you on our VIP mailing list (which wont be shared anywhere). This will keep you informed of our "specials", one of which is coming up in March.

In the mean time, have a fabulous day, enjoy the rain!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is a perfect, wonderful rainy weekend to drive over the hill to Boulder Creek. The Redwoods in the rain are majestic!
AND... what a wonderful way to celebrate with your sweetie!

Carol designs and creates these wonderful ceramic pendants, necklaces and earrings! Very reasonably priced too. Carol is one of our LOCAL MOUNTAIN ARTISTS!More of Carol's UNIQUE earrings.
And the "GALS" have a NICE COLLECTION of Vintage silver jewelry.
Here is a sampling of several MOUNTAIN ARTIST offerings, bracelets, earrings, one of a kind fabulous gifts!
Wish you could see these unique charm bracelets... all created by local MOUNTAIN ARTISTS
Some include vintage buttons and findings.
Some of our NICER locally handcrafted beaded jewelry.
The colors on these charms and pendants are so much more beautiful and vibrant in person!
And, all over our store, you'll find groupings of fun, fabulous VINTAGE COSTUME JEWELRY.

And, for a really unusual gift... how about a PRECIOUS STONE MARBLE! They are sooo beautiful!
Last, but not least, you'll love digging deep into the VINTAGE JEWELRY grab basket! EVERYTHING in this basket is just $1.50 (crazy, I know!)

Friday, February 06, 2009


Well it's a rainy weekend here in the mountains... but it's warm and dry inside! Our dealers have marked a TON of FABULOUS items on sale during our three day FIRST FRIDAY FLEA MARKET weekend! Take a nice rainy-day drive over Highway 9 and enjoy a cup of tea while you browse our MANY MANY discounted items!!

Here, Barbara has put her pink tags on some fabulous dishes, way discounted! And the green glass sugar/creamer is beautiful too.
Judy's has a fun cake taker, fresh from Vintage Hawaii!
Need to grind anything?
The GALS have both dishes and Linens marked way down.
And, if it's a rolling pin you're looking for... we've GOTTEM!
The look of a vintage blender, mixer or toaster brightens the RETRO KITCHEN!
God PYREX? The nesting bowls are spectacular!
This old CocaCola cooler would look very CHIC tucked into a corner of your kitchen.
I love blue glass, don't you? Jeanne Rose certainly has put together a beautiful arrangement.
More kitchen, "have to have" items. The rounded dome clear glass baking dish is faboulous!
And Chris has all of her TEA CUPS on sale 20% off!
Here's more....
Chris also has discounted her fun "Blue Sky" line of tea pots.... just in time for Valentines day, or to save for Mother's Day. They are really sweet looking pots!
So, take that drive, enjoy the Redwoods in the rain, and enjoy our "THIS WEEKEND ONLY" store wide finds!