Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Month's WINNER!

Cyd Bocks!
you are this month's
Customer Appreciation Winner!

Stop by the shop and pick up your
$25 gift certificate!

Uploaded a TON of NEW INVENTORY!

Here is the latest run of pics from the latest inventory....
The pictures start with the garden and end up with all the new inventory inside.... LOTS of FURNITURE.... keep scrolling down!

.Sweet angels welcome you to the Secret Garden!

.This vintage kitchen counter would be great as a garden workbench or an artists storage!

.This is really neat! a garden bar! Next pic shows the lid off.

.Can you see this? it's a birdhouse!
.Come in through the back door where Jan and Kathleen have some great items, ....vintage dressing table, darling vintage clothes, and a fabulous felted handbag....

.Oh! and a vibrant blue cake taker!

.While wandering around taking pictures I came upon Kathleen showing off an Art Deco teapot to customer Toni....

.I love this painted corner table.
.Barbara has expanded and brought in tons of new furniture!

.Right when you talk into the front room, you'll see the darling little writing desk, with drawers on both sides.
.Glenda is piling her new additions on top of each other! so many wonderful new additions! Stop in soon!

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Wait till you see all the fresh inventory for March! Business is booming! You can always call the store to see if an item you see and like here is still available! (831 338 0600)...

...We've got quite a nice selection of vintage cameras for you to add to your collection.

...The Gizzy group has brought in a fabulous antique Chinese chair. Oh! and check out the vintage butter churn. Ok, we know the churn doesn't really enhance the chair... it should really go into the kitchen or back porch (where Granny used to churn the butter)

...And Glenda has added several wonderful vintage copper pieces, including an antique bedwarmer!

...And a lovely bench with drawers. SOLD

...Isn't this a precious little box? very old, very nice!

...Wish this beautiful Hawaiian bust had photographed better.

...15 year old Katie Cobb makes wonderful jewelry, often made from vintage jewels... everyone loves her!

...speaking of copper... a lovely copper base on this antique lamp.

...Need a vintage sewing machine? It works! and it also looks fabulous in your home decor.

...more of Katie's hand-made jewelry (sorry the pics are out of order - so fire me! hehe)

...This would make a wonderful little bar... or a writing desk.
SOLD (sorry)

...Rella still has some great stuff at 50% off! She's moving her space totally in the Secret Garden. (now you'll have to stop by and check out the garden's secrets!)

... I love this dresser! opps, just sold on Saturday.

...and here's another one.... wish I had space in my home... but then I wouldn't be able to decide which one to choose!

...Hopefully our need-for-umbrellas-days are numbered. (We've had our fill of rain!) but Richard and Sue's umbrella stand is really a nice one! You could be creative and use it for a number of interesting things. The feathers work!

...tucked in a corner is quite a find! this darling little smoking stand. I know, not many people smoke, or smoke inside anymore... but this little stand is a beaut! couldn't you use it for something else? chair-side snacks?

...Our "Toy Bob" keeps bringing in his popular little vintage match-book cars.

...need a lunch box?

...and finally! Ali has brought in this AMAZING triple mirror! truly... it is amazing!
You'll need to stop by to see it in person!