Friday, February 01, 2013

A look at some of our current merchandise...

You'll find a wonderful display of repackaged vintage trims, buttons, and laces.... perfect for your collection, scrapbooking, or needle working!

We have a number of fabulous clocks! Keep scrolling down for more!

Clever "Prayer Keeper" lace books crafted with vintage laces and trims....
 This AMAZING BURLWOOD cabinet is on SALE for a silly low price! And, it moves easily since it comes apart in panels, very easy to reassemble and grace your home!

 We have lots of coins!

 This is my favorite hutch. Wish I could fit it in my cottage.
 This is a Sacred Prayer Alter! Amazing and beautiful!

 Everyone loves Mike Milich's photography!

 And, here are more clocks.....

 This is a display of our 'Slot Glass' taken from vintage slot machines from Nevada! Only $12 each,