Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Uploaded a TON of NEW INVENTORY!

Here is the latest run of pics from the latest inventory....
The pictures start with the garden and end up with all the new inventory inside.... LOTS of FURNITURE.... keep scrolling down!

.Sweet angels welcome you to the Secret Garden!

.This vintage kitchen counter would be great as a garden workbench or an artists storage!

.This is really neat! a garden bar! Next pic shows the lid off.

.Can you see this? it's a birdhouse!
.Come in through the back door where Jan and Kathleen have some great items, ....vintage dressing table, darling vintage clothes, and a fabulous felted handbag....

.Oh! and a vibrant blue cake taker!

.While wandering around taking pictures I came upon Kathleen showing off an Art Deco teapot to customer Toni....

.I love this painted corner table.
.Barbara has expanded and brought in tons of new furniture!

.Right when you talk into the front room, you'll see the darling little writing desk, with drawers on both sides.
.Glenda is piling her new additions on top of each other! so many wonderful new additions! Stop in soon!

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