Friday, February 20, 2009

You Asked for it!

... so here are a few pictures of vintage coins, a few of the clocks we have in house, a fabulous ANTIQUE WHEELCHAIR , and a few other items that caught my fancy!

Before the pics, another note: we have two new dealers to welcome aboard! And we're very excited to have their inventory compliment ours. Keep checking back for the pictures! (We still have one small dealer space available if you want to get in on the excitement!)

We're listening...
Someone from the East Bay asked about US coins... well, we do have allot. Our coin dealer is always bringing in new stock. Richard has quite a following! Now, trying to take pictures of just a small portion of his collection is another matter, challenging for me... but is my best effort to show you just a few of the coin trays he offers.

Ok... no one asked to see these, but they sure bring back memories! Remember the 50's when our parents would bronze our shoes!!
Here is the ANTIQUE WHEELCHAIR someone asked about. The finish, color, and structure of this chair is beautiful.... why do I picture Shirley Temple pushing this about with Poor Clara in it? (Remember Heidi?)
Another stray, but inspiring photo... Judy's fresh from Hawaii! ah... who would have thought to pair glass pineapples with candle sticks! THIS would be a really UNIQUE gift!
OK... I did get requests about clocks, so I scurried around and snapped a few pictures... some of these are vintage, others are newer... they are all charming. I don't know how to describe the last clock though... take a look and see for yourself!

See what I mean??? hmmm

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